FeatureMap provides all the features you need to build beautiful story maps that you can share with your team.

Not enough space on your walls?

FeatureMap has unlimited virtual space and can easily hold hundreds of cards.
It also lets you insert new cards anywhere and reorganize your content freely.

Endless space

Each card of your maps can hold lots of information.

Click on any of them to write a markdown-powered description, change the color, assign an owner, set the current status, or define estimates - just to name a few.

Cards can hold lots of information.

That's not all!

Cards can host entire conversations between you and your team.
You can also create checklists and attach documents.

Cards update in real-time Cards update in real-time

FeatureMap updates the content of your map instantly.
No need to refresh your browser :
everything you see is always up to date.

FeatureMap keeps track of all the changes

Not sure what happened to a card? We keep track of all the changes to help you catch up with your team's activity.

We'll notify you when someone leaves a comment, when some of your cards have been changed and also when a due date is coming close.

Having a visual representation of your product backlog is cool, but it's also useful to be able to compile a single text document with all the information you put on your map while keeping the clear organization of your content.

FeatureMap can do that for you with just a click of a button.

Export modes

Or, you might just need the raw data to write your own report-building logic.
JSON, XML, CSV are of course also available as export formats.

Are you using Atlassian JIRA?

How about automatically building the story map of an existing project to get an instant overview of its content? Or creating a new set of epics and stories in JIRA based on your story map?

FeatureMap integrates seamlessly with JIRA
and can even keep the data synchronized in real-time.

Your data is confidential and secure

Your data is confidential and secure.

You decide who can see and change your maps. We use SSL/HTTPS secure connections exclusively to communicate with your browser, and we maintain regular backups in case anything goes wrong.

However if you prefer to host FeatureMap inside your own infrastructure and have full control over your data and backup procedures, that's ok too!

FeatureMap can be installed on premises and integrates nicely with your local-hosted JIRA instance.

FeatureMap can be installed on premises
FeatureMap has support for Zapier

FeatureMap features a RESTful API that you can use to retrieve data from your maps and build reports. It also lets you make changes easily e.g. to create new cards whenever a new Uservoice ticket is created, or to add a new comment whenever you receive an email.

And you don't even have to write any code to make this happen: we already provide full Zapier support.

Try it now. It's easy and free.