FeatureMap - The best story mapping solution integrated with JIRA!¹

Improve JIRA control by importing
JIRA projects into FeatureMap

Story mapping to SCRUM and Kanban

Organize your stories in FeatureMap and push Epics,
Stories and Sprints breakdown into JIRA²

Get your JIRA subtasks reported in your map

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¹ JIRA is a trademark of the Atlassian company
² Works with JIRA and its JIRA Agile plugin (version 6.0 and above)

Story Mapping with FeatureMap

With FeatureMap, collaborate to organize in real-time your story map or the big picture of your project.

Turning Story Mapping in project

With FeatureMap, organize and push your project structure in JIRA.

Overlay the big picture with JIRA status

Merge the big picture and the operational data by having JIRA issues status in FeatureMap (including subtasks).

Bridging Product and Project Management

Improve project control and communication by importing JIRA projects into FEATUREMAP

Turn your story maps into JIRA projects or import your JIRA projects in less than 5 minutes!

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